Q: What's the price tag for weddings/receptions?

A: There are packages; please email for package options.

Our rates are super inclusive and it's all very simple here.

Q: Do clients do both ceremony & reception there and is there a difference in price?

A: No difference in cost... you rent it for the full day and can be there as much as you'd like. Some clients do ceremony & reception, others just do reception. You don't need to decide until later. We're flexible.

Q: How does the payment work?

A: We usually require 50% of the total event cost to hold the spot with the other 50% + $300 refundable damage deposit due up to 2 weeks before event date.

Q: What would we have to bring in for decoration?

A: The barn has a neutral palette of creams, whites, wood, and concrete and doesn't require a lot of decor. Clients typically bring table centerpieces & runners, head table decor, a few cute decor items like chalkboards/favors/entry statement piece like a 2 seat bicycle or a fun guest book display or their story on a big chalkboard frame. Clients may also bring items for outside such as sign with posts directing people to back deck, ceremony, DJ, etc. with FireFly approval.

Q: What does a typical wedding day look like?

A: Clients are able to schedule their day depending on which package they choose.... can be morning or afternoon wedding. Most clients set up Friday evening. On Saturday, clients typically arrive about 8am. Brides & maids can get ready in the bridal suite; men can use the barn or groom's room. They can send their caterer, florist, DJ over at any point to set up (just coordinate with a relative or friend to be there to meet them unless they're accustomed to the barn already). Clients + guests usually arrive early afternoon for photos and ceremony, then do dinner and dance until no later than 1am (2am for clean-up to be completed).

Q: DJ? Band? Where do they set up?

A: Clients have used both. They set up in the southeast corner of the grand room where there are several outlets with adequate power.

Q: What's the liquor policy?

A: FireFly has its own liquor license, so there will be no need for clients to pay extra to hire that part of their wedding day out; we will take care of the bar and clients can rest easy. Credit cards and cash accepted. If we see guests from your group drinking from their vehicles or bringing liquor in, we reserve the right (since we are liable and their action is illegal) to confiscate the alcohol and retain part of your damage deposit. If you suspect this may be an issue in your group, please make your guests aware of the situation.

Q: How do we fit a group of over 200 in the barn?

A: 200-250 can fit nicely in the grand room. There are 50 seats available for use in the Taproom.
Clients can also choose to rent a tent for outside.

Q: How many people/table?

A: 6/table for 6ft tables. 8/table for 8ft tables (we have 30 of the 6ft tables and 6 of the 8ft tables)
This equals about 250. We have tables/chairs for 250 - the barn can fit 300. The Taproom has seating for 50. 

Q: What to do about end-of-night transportation? 

A: Our sole recommendation is Anderson Bus & Coach of Frazee (listed in Vendors).There is not much for this type of transportation around here. If you know someone with a bus/taxi service, ask them about it! Ask your family/friends for references for this type of service. (If you live around here, you should start this service... gap in the market!)

Q: Are the Rates in Rates tab for ceremony, reception or both?

A: The Rates are for full day use for weddings. You rent FireFly for the day and you can get ready here, you can have ceremony here and reception elsewhere (that'd be kinda silly, huh?), ceremony and reception here, just reception here. Whatever you wish!

Q: Can we have candles during our event?

No. Stringent fire code/insurance reasons.

Q: Do you have recommendations for caterers, photographers, DJs and other professionals?

Q: Can we set up the day or nite before our event?

A: This depends on if we have an event the evening before your event and on which package you choose. Check with Lindsey on availability. If we don't have an event we welcome you to do set-up, rehearsal, groom's dinner on site if it is part of the package you choose! There is live music in the Taproom every Friday June through September but as the Taproom is in a separate wing from the wedding part / Grand Room, the flow works well!

Q: What do we do for clean-up?

A: We have a short clean up list we give to each client depending on which package you choose (as part of our client agreement we send to you when you book) and we also give it to you in paper form on the day of your event so you have the list or can hand off to your alternate party in charge of clean up. It's simple and includes clearing tables/bagging garbage and recycling - bringing out to dumpsters, taking your decor with you. Bartenders are also there to help make sure these tasks are completed. We need this completed as our business is open most days of the week (including Sundays) and needs to look presentable. We provide garbages and garbage bags on site. 
NOTE: IF you or your appointed people are not able to complete the clean up checklist and FireFly staff has to intervene, we will retain a portion of or all of your damage deposit.

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